FRAC Champagne-Ardenne

Mobile art: current loans and deposits

Mobile art: current loans and deposits


The FRAC Champagne-Ardenne Collection is also intended to travel to other venues through the loan of artworks. These loan requests can be made by cultural structures or communities, in the context of temporary exhibitions.

What costs are payable by the borrower?
• the remuneration of the artists for the right of presentation and representation
• the costs relating to the packaging, transport, shipping (if necessary), and nail-to-nail insurance of the works on loan
• any prior interventions necessary for the proper presentation or activation of the loaned works (restoration, framing, reprinting, purchase of supplies, etc.)
• other fees may apply


Certain works from the FRAC Champagne-Ardenne Collection are placed on long-term loan in other museums or regional cultural establishments, as well as in State public buildings, and/or local and regional buildings. These long-term loans are referred to in the French system as deposits.
Deposits are generally made for a renewable term of three to five years. They can only go ahead after a prior inspection of the potential host venue to ensure the proper exhibition and safety conditions. Custodians must ensure the proper conservation of the works and pay a distribution fee every year to the artist whose work is on long-term at their premises. Finally, these deposits may be temporarily withdrawn in the event of a loan request or for the distribution needs of the FRAC.

All loan requests should be sent to Claire Lacarriere, Head of Collections, A letter presenting the project in which the artwork(s) is/are included, along with dates and exhibition venues should be provided. A facility report is also required.

This map allows you to visualize the current loans and deposits.